Bird Dog - Leg Slide with lift and opposite arm lift

This is a drill to reestablish the extension pattern in the suspended position.

This is a drill to reestablish the hip extension pattern in the suspended position. 
Set Up: Get into a quadruped position with the knees under the hips and the hands under the shoulders with the spine in a neutral position. Anchor the band to the right foot and hold one end in each hand.   
Action: While maintaining body position, reach up with the right hand, keeping the arm straight, while simultaneously sliding the left foot on the floor out away from the body to fully extend your left hip. When fully extended, keep the leg long and lift the foot up off the floor. Make sure the body remains stable, especially the lumbar spine.
Return: Lower the foot back to the floor. Keeping the foot in contact with the floor, slide it back to the start position while simultaneously lowering the arm to start position. Repeat the process with the right leg and left arm.

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