Discussion Group: Your Gym's Competitive Edge - How the FMS can Drive Marketing, Sales, and Retention

Written by FMS Discussion Group Series

The FMS is one of the fitness industry's most underutilized sales tools. As the over-40 and youth athletic markets continue to grow, the need for gyms where people can train safely and still train hard grows along with it. This discussion is designed to help you utilize the FMS to position you and your team as the preeminent fitness professionals in your area.
In this discussion group,  Sales and Communication Coach Elias Scarr shared his ideas on the following topics:

Marketing with FMS: Differentiation and Attraction
Learn how the FMS can be a powerful marketing tool to distinguish your gym from the competition.

Selling FMS: Converting Prospects into Clients
Discover strategies for using the FMS as an essential sales tool during client consultations or tours.

Retention through FMS: Keeping Clients Engaged and Satisfied
Master utilizing ongoing FMS assessments to improve client satisfaction, retention, and referral rates.

If you weren't able to join us, or you'd just like to watch again, enjoy this recorded session filled with valuable insights and tips. And be sure to check our course listing for more Discussion Group Series opportunities to join in live!

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