Whiteboard Talks: Interpreting the FMS Score

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

What do you do with the FMS score once the screen is complete? This is one of the most commonly asked questions with one of the most important answers.

The FMS allows the professional to make better decisions on what their client is capable of doing in their exercise program as well as what exercises they should avoid to protect themselves. Go beyond looking at the total score to really understand your client’s movement profile.

Join FMS Co-Founder and CEO Lee Burton as he takes a sample FMS score to show how the patterns relate, which pattern should be a priority, and what his next steps would be.

<== Video for m1LqCAo7 ==>

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  • author

    Lisa 3/7/2020 9:13:56 PM

    excellent video! Thanks so much for this insightful example. I love these case studies and would like to see more of this content on FMS. Keep them coming!

  • author

    Chris Harper BA,CSCS,FMS,USAW 9/21/2020 3:45:41 PM

    This is needed so much in my community. I see people training kids in skill development without teaching and fundamental patterns.