Whiteboard Talks: Movement Screening Clarity

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

There is a certain amount of movement you need to be healthy, a certain variety of movement you need to be functional, and a certain volume of movement you need to be fit.  We used to only look at two aspects – fitness and movement health.  But we cannot assume performance from fitness, and we cannot assume function from movement health. Movement screening became an essential part of the equation.

Movement screening looks at patterns of movement – not isolated regional movement. Looking at multiple patterns shows us their movement behavior tendencies. The FMS offers us this opportunity and allows us to build a solid foundation of movement.

When you improve fundamental movement patterns, it has a ripple effect throughout the whole system. FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook explains the importance of screening to set a movement baseline to know where we are starting and where we need to go. 

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  • author

    Andres Pavon 12/9/2019 1:45:50 PM

    Great video! Really helps to reiterate the ideas behind FMS and why we use it. thanks!

  • author

    Chris Harper BA,CSCS,FMS,USAW 12/9/2019 1:45:50 PM

    Very informative video