Why I do the Toe Touch Progression on Stage

Written by Gray Cook FMS Pod Casts


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  • The toe touch progression allows you to break a pattern in which the body and brain do not fully connect in the forward bending pattern.
  • If the central nervous system is not functioning properly, corrective strategy will not get integrated (address the pattern at some point).
  • Both the toe up and heel up toe touches cause weight shifting, reciprocal inhibition, and patterning.  It makes you less dependent on the muscles of the leg to keep you up and more dependent on the core.
  • Heavy impact activities will cause you to lose the effect much quicker than if you were to do slow, controlled movements first.  “The system, if jarred, will reset back to its default.”
  • “The toe touch progress works because you challenge a pattern.”

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  • author

    kim 3/25/2015 12:49:47 PM

    Wait, so if you squeeze your abs, you turn off the extensors of your hip? I thought squeezing the glutes(extensor of the hip) along with squeezing the abs is normal in order to maintain trunk stability? So is it pointless in tensing the glute along with the abs?

  • author

    Brad H 3/25/2015 12:50:23 PM

    Gray is referring to reciprocal inhibition of the Toe Touch Pattern. By squeezing your adductors your core will activate (not much) for efficiency in the pattern rather than strength. Therefore, it will allow the posterior chain to become relaxed in order to achieve spinal flexion for the pattern. 


    You are correct that the glutes and abs should be involved in the pushup; however, that is for a different pattern because we are trying to stabilize the spine by having the hands and feet far apart to create a longer lever. 
    Hopefully this helps.