Why Am I Injured?

Written by FMS FMS

Have you ever wondered why injuries occur so often in sports; particularly in BJJ? Although the research on BJJ related injuries is in its infancy, most data collection occurs at tournament-style events.

These data suggest that only upwards of 3% of all fighters who compete report injury, although questionnaire data from these same fighters suggest a higher rate of previous injury to various areas of the body. Although the cumulative incidence of injury from the research seems relatively small, what you may hear at your local Dojo or from friends who train weekly, may be much higher. Many practitioners of BJJ may miss days to weeks of class due to a sustained injury from BJJ. Some of these injuries may be acute, such as a sustained injury due to an armlock, but what about the chronic injury, i.e., low back or shoulder pain or injuries that are not consistent with resisting any type of submission hold?

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