SGT: One Approach to Simplifying Group Training

Written by Dr. Lee Burton FMS

One question we consistently hear at our certification workshops is “how do I incorporate the FMS into group training?” 

Although there are many different ways to answer that question, it really comes down to having a systematic approach based on the setting you are in. Often incorporating the FMS philosophy into programming is difficult no matter what setting you are in. If your primary focus is group training this can be very overwhelming.

A few years ago we met Steve Long and Jared Woolever who were having a lot of success implementing the FMS into group training. These guys spent years creating a very innovative group training system that is built on the FMS principles, resulting in the Smart Group Training System. This system is one of the most comprehensive resources available which primarily uses the FMS in group training.

Their Smart Group Training System is packed with content and will provide a step-by-step process on through how to incorporate the FMS into your group training.  

They’ve broken their entire system down into 12 distinct modules and tons of done-for-you material that share everything you need to know to learn and implement the complete SGT System.

Learn more about how the Smart Group Training System incorporates the FMS into group training by clicking HERE.

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