FMS Strategies for Businesses

Written by Mike Perry FMS

Back on the East Coast, Skill of Strength owner and FMS Assistant Instructor, Mike Perry, gives his top 3 business strategies on first-time consults and how the FMS works as a recruitment tool in his business. 

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Mike is the founder and owner of Skill of Strength, a training facility located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. In his fourteen plus years as a Personal Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, he has trained clients of all ages and abilities, including athletes represented in MLS, NFL, MLB, UFC, Bellator MMA, CES MMA, and several other MMA promotions in New England. He also trains and competes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Raphael Carneiro at Fenix BJJ Lowell. Mike works for StrongFirst as a Senior Instructor and barbell instructor. As Senior Instructor, he leads teams of other instructor candidates during StrongFirst certifications and runs one-day barbell and kettlebell courses at Skill of Strength and other gyms




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