Whiteboard Talks: Movement Impacts Performance

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

Why did FMS develop our tests and screens? Not so you can try to score well, but rather to draw attention to the movements that are not optimal.  The goal is to protect you from doing movements and activities your body is not prepared for.

This philosophy extends past physical wellness (the FMS) into performance. If you try to perform at a high level, but some of your fundamental movement patterns are not adequate, your foundation can’t support the task you’re striving to accomplish. By addressing those patterns, you are opening the door to better movement at all levels.

In this Whiteboard Talk, FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook discusses how the foundation of good movement allows us to be more successful at performance levels.

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    Jeffrey Vaisberg PT, DPT 12/17/2019 4:25:25 PM

    Preach! Love the movement system/Patho-Kines casue and effect explanation here. Our profession needs to change our perspective on our ability to diagnose. We are movement specialists and independent providers that require the ability to provide movement based diagnoses that are able to guide our treatment.