Deadlift Single Leg Double Arm with Two KB

This exercise is used to increase resistive ability and assess right and left hip contribution in the hip hinge.

With a stool or platform in place, stand over it with the feet approximately shoulder width apart. Begin in a neutral stance position with the ear, shoulder, hip, and knee in proper alignment with the arms resting comfortably in front.
Begin to perform a hip hinge pattern by flexing at the hips while maintaining a neutral spine. Once both hands are near the weights, grasp both of them tightly to promote spinal stability. Engage the hamstrings by slightly raising the hips, so that the knees are vertical. Once the hamstrings feel taught, begin to extend the hips forward until proper posture is achieved. Throughout the movement, make sure the head and neck are neutral and there is no rounding of the back. 
When lowering the weights back to the stool or platform, it should be performed the same way as when picking up the weight.

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