Open Half Kneeling Ankle Mobility with KB

This exercise is focused on improving ankle dorsiflexion mobility.

This exercise is focused on improving ankle dorsiflexion mobility. 

Setup: Get into the half kneeling posture by placing one knee down directly under the hip and the other foot should be in line with the knee, this will create the 90/90 position. Next open up your hip so that the ankle is in line with the knee creating a right angle. Once the beginning position has been accomplished, grab the kettlebell with both hands.

Action: Use the weight of the kettlebell to slowly bring your knee towards your toes and into dorsiflexion. Make sure the knee does not drift in towards the big toe. If this motion cannot be controlled, bring the front foot forward more coming out of the right angle. Throughout the exercises concentrate on staying as tall as possible creating a straight line from the ear, shoulder, hip, and down knee for proper posture alignment. 

Return: Continue to pulse and then return to the start position. Repeat on the other side. 

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