Inside with Gray Cook: Episode 8 - Dan John

Written by Melissa Laughlin Video

Dan John instructs to lift heavy weights overhead, off the floor, and for distance and time. Joe Heiler questions Gray if this could also classify as self limiting exercise. Gray explains that lifting weights overhead can potentially give you more knowledge on and exposure to asymmetries than pushing and pulling patterns alone. When using these techniques, Gray encourages a sound base before loading the pattern.

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Inside with Gray Cook is a 13-part series where Joe Heiler from grabs an interview and in-depth tour of Gray's new clinic in his home town of Chatham, VA.

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    Dave Biebel 8/28/2012 7:11:20 AM

    Is the take-home from this video for us as FMS instructors to use an exercise like an overhead kettlebell carry as an advanced corrective assessment? (Not to limit the purpose of this particular exercise to assessment purposes only, just using it as an example).