Why Screen Kids?

Written by Greg Rose Video

During the developmental years, kids go through so many changes it is hard to make sense of what movements or changes are normal and which ones are not.  Dr. Greg Rose discusses how to perform a movement screen on kids from ages 5-15, looking at muscular, skeletal, hormonal and neurological changes and how they affect the normal movement pattern development.

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  • author

    Brian Williams 12/18/2014 6:57:25 PM

    This is awesome!!!!

  • author

    Tim Boezinger 1/12/2015 1:39:52 PM

    Awesome info! Thanks!

  • author

    Sharon Panske 2/11/2015 8:46:04 PM

    Great information. I'm hoping to use some of this information with our school district as I've been complaining for years about the lack of gross motor skills

  • author

    Chris Eather 3/20/2015 4:21:54 PM

    Thanking you Greg, your work is making a difference. Well done and keep up the great work. 

  • author

    Nelson 3/23/2015 3:09:43 PM

    Thanks Greg. My mission is to spread the word.

  • author

    Tavis Gibson 8/12/2016 1:41:21 PM

    creating a new motor pattern versus modifying an old movement pattern is great insight. 

  • author

    Marian Barnick 4/6/2017 2:41:24 PM

    I just revisited the video to review again the fantastic information packed into this message. Thank-you.