FMS Insider: Movement Roundtable (Part 4) - Episode 2

Written by FMS FMS

Jeff recommends becoming well versed in how to set the athlete up, knowing exactly what you are looking for, how to score the movements and then connecting the dots.  The key is in knowing the rules of the system. He says to embrace the rules because they will be your life-vest and credibility will come with your athletes when you can say “here is where you were and here is where you are now.” Marty stresses the importance of not rushing the process.

Jeff adds that you must commit to the system to be able to compare results from year to year. Rob advises to make sure you get the screen right from day one so that years later you know your data is accurate and reliable.

In Gray’s mind, the corrective component is his opportunity to articulate to the client what the screen has captured. Most people cannot see their own asymmetries or limitations until the correctives show them what they cannot do. 

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  • author

    Jeff Diritto 12/27/2012 1:30:42 PM

    This is a great series; I would love to hear more about how various S&C professionals utilize the FMS.  I am hopeful in the future to get the AT staff on board to help screen our kids.

  • author 4/3/2013 3:39:16 PM

    Great to find the weak link and build a smart exercise regime. Maybe it's better to not give the final score to clients. So they don't start somekind of competition and forget to focus on personal limitations. Yes there is still much to learn. Example: One of my clients is recovering from Hernia. He still has some discomfort on flexing (neurological reaction). So I gave him a zerro. I send him back to the PRO who send him to me. Checkmate. I would like to learn more about situations like this.