What Is Normal On the FMS?

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Dr. Robert Butler of Duke University discusses the typical FMS score. A score of 14 is considered to be the ideal number that in theory someone would be required to clear for higher level movement training. There is often debate that a 14 may be a lofty goal, but Dr. Butler displays research indicating that may not necesarily be the case.

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    MattSwift,DPT,ATC 4/24/2013 1:57:10 PM

    Thanks for this review- One quick question I have.  When I got certified and in looking at the research it was said that the score to be deemed "Ok" was 15.  Are you guys now thinking a score of 14 is what should be scored?  I believe the studies showed a score of 14 and below to be higher risk for I jury scores.  

    Any feedback on your thoughts?  Thanks again for posting this

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    Joe O Connor 4/24/2013 9:59:39 AM

    "Hi there, it may be of interest, just editing data on 220 players that I have worked with for the past 2 years. Similar to Schneiders et al my mean composite score is 15.63. The average frequency was as follows: 1 (18), 2 (131) and 3 (70). Both the mean composite score and frequency of 2's concurs with the above video"

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    Brandon Owen 4/24/2013 1:57:13 PM

    Research suggests that a score of 14 or below increases risk of injury in certain population groups.  So just to be safe statistically, 15 is where you would want to be.  A 14 means there are no asymmetries which we know increases injury risks.  We want more than a 14, but a 14 is at least 2s on everything.

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    stephen.baitch PT 2/16/2018 8:01:15 PM

    Dr butler , does the standard of 14 apply also to all age groups . Im about to embark on an FMS study examining high school runners and their predisposition to injury throughout the season based on FMS scores , SHould they be able to utilized the baseline 14 score as well even though their may not be developmentally or physically mature?

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    Mats 2/16/2018 8:01:16 PM

    Hi there!
    I'm just wondering..... Are these studies published in a journal? Like British Journal of Sports Medicine or something? Or is it possible to find them in Pubmed? Do you have links to them..? (haha! overexited!) I really like to read more about them for inspiration! Thanks for posting this! :)