MovNat Drills at CK-FMS

Written by Gray Cook FMS

I always like to take the opportunity when we’re doing some type of movement to create a lesson or an experience. At CK-FMS, we used some MovNat drills to demonstrate how scalability can allow us to create a safe experience for a large group.

But in contrast, I also demonstrated how each person in the group could have gotten more out of it had we known a little bit more about how each moved.

Some in the group got better balancing just through cuing. Others in the group got better by going into a more primitive pattern that required both reciprocal movement and significant amounts of core stability. The third group actually benefited more from mobility work.

Even though the entire group benefited from the group experience, had I given each of the three groups a little more of what made the biggest difference in their abilities to move better and balance better,  we would have observed even more progress in the same amount of time.

So the lesson in this experience is to always use good observation of your group and scale activities according to individual abilities and safety requirements.

However…whenever possible, knowing a little more about each person in the group can still allow them to work as a group, but we can also work in smaller groups on specific deficiencies or dysfunctions and come back to the group to demonstrate their improvement together.

Ponder these things as you watch this clip.

This will be my focus at the Perform Better Summits beginning next weekend in Providence, later this month in Chicago and in August in Long Beach. For a longer look at the drills, check out the DVD Erwan Le Corre and I did, Exploring Functional Movement.

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