Gray's Pet Peeve In Physical Therapy

Written by Brandon Bennett FMS Pod Casts

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  • What a poor Trunk Stability Push-up score means.
  • Gray's big pet peeve in physical therapy.
  • How and why you need to create reflex stabilization.
  • When to movement screen in the clinic.
  • Physical Therapy discharge and exercise prescription.

This clip was originally posted as part of a two-hour session, during which Gray Cook visits with the first- & second-year physical therapy students at Duke University to give them an impression of possible clinical experiences to come, and to answer their questions. Click here to purchase the full talk.

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  • author

    Chris 5/8/2015 1:54:32 PM

    Gray Cook has helped me to analyze my patients better.  The SFMA is a simple, reproducible tool that takes the guesswork out of treatment.  All the manual therapy training can't pinpoint where the true dysfunction exists to get my patients better faster and keep them out of my clinic.