Whiteboard Talks: Understanding the ASLR

Written by FMS Whiteboard Talks

Are you caught in the trap of making assumptions about how people move?  If someone cannot complete an active straight-leg raise (ASLR) functionally, it has to be the hamstrings fault, right? 

Many people who cannot touch their toes or cannot complete the ASLR do not have a structural limitation. But we get caught in the illusion that they do based on their feedback of “tightness” and our assumption it is a hardware problem. The FMS provides an honest feedback loop.

In this Whiteboard Talk, FMS Co-Founder Gray Cook uses the ASLR to demonstrate the importance of screening, not assuming, so you can be effective in making long lasting changes to movement. 

<== Video for FGIZnuoo ==>

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    Scott A. Jones 1/4/2021 6:09:37 PM

    Thank you. So much packed in to this video.