Functional Movement Systems Partners with CoachMePlus to Provide an Integrated Fitness Experience

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BUFFALO, N.Y. -- (June 14, 2021) -- CoachMePlus, the only enterprise-level and flexible digital fitness platform built for trainers, announced today a partnership with Functional Movement Systems Inc (FMS), that produces and promotes principles and methodologies to enhance movement as individuals engage in physical activity, to provide a seamless bundle of tools for trainers and athletes. The combination of the CoachMePlus platform and the FMS Functional Movement Screen Results creates a stronger health and fitness screening tool that enables coaches and trainers to assign corrective movement programs to athletes.
“CoachMePlus can automatically deliver FMS corrective movements based on the ‘Screen Results’ in a first-of-its-kind exclusive plugin for an Athlete Management System,” explained Kevin Dawidowicz, President and Co-Founder of CoachMePlus. “This will provide coaches a pathway to add additional functionality to their current FMS solutions to include customized and personalized workouts, nutrition, hydration, wellness surveys and performance data, delivered to each individual athlete’s fitness wearables including FitBit, Whoop, Garmin and Apple iWatch.”
FMS issues upwards of 8,000 new certifications each year, entrusting trainers and strength coaches with the knowledge needed to administer the screen and interpret results, continually adding to a trusted community of trainers with a proven history. Accessing all of your fitness data in one place is the future of fitness, and this partnership has the potential to provide an all-in-one solution. 
“The FMS algorithms and corrective movements are industry best-practices for coaches from gyms and high schools to pro teams and the military,” said Lee Burton, President and Co-Founder of FMS. “Including it in CoachMePlus adds to the holistic fitness profile of athletes.”
The mutually beneficial partnership proposes to increase the value to its FMS-certified coaches and improve the coaching experience by adding CoachMePlus as a technology partner. CoachMePlus includes the FMS methodologies in a new bundle that is “powered by FMS.” Together the benefits will enhance the value proposition for both company’s offerings, coaches and trainers, and ultimately the recipients of the coaching programs. 
“FMS coaches can use the plugin to return corrective movements, saving them time,” Dawidowicz added. “Moreover trainers who use CoachMePlus now have access to FMS content, enabling them to customize programming for their athletes to achieve unique fitness goals.”
This partnership serves the need of in-gym and at-home fitness coaching through a hybrid omnichannel experience that is built for the future of fitness. FMS coaches now have the best fitness intelligence technology available at their fingertips, providing training like never before.
FMS Certified Member Savings
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About CoachMePlus
CoachMePlus is fueling the “Omnichannel Fitness” market, leveraging workout-tracking, wellness monitoring, wearable technologies integrations, and a full suite of testing and reporting tools to monitor key indicators of health, ability, and performance. The platform advances proactive performance management from training through deployment. The CoachMePlus performance-optimization solution that underpins “Omnichannel Fitness” fuses data analytics, telemedicine, and cutting-edge health IT solutions with decades of insights from working with US military communities and every professional sports league in America. 
About FMS
Functional Movement Systems, Inc. (FMS) is an education company that produces and promotes principles and methodologies to enhance movement as individuals engage in physical activity.  We are committed to giving fitness, healthcare and performance professionals actionable steps to help people around the world first move well. Then, move often. Website:

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