Rolling Upper Body

This is an upper body rolling pattern used to increase the dynamic stability and core communication connecting the upper and lower body in a natural rotational pattern.

Set-Up: Lie on your back, arms overhead, feet hip-width apart. Completely relax the body from the waist down through the legs.

Action: Reach your arm in a diagonal direction over the opposite shoulder while the opposite arm remains in overhead position. While reaching across the body, follow your hand with your eyes and head as you roll from your back to your stomach. The lower body remains relaxed in the start position until the upper body pulls it over about halfway through the roll until your entire body is facing down.

Return: To return to the starting position extend the arm out to the side, lift the hand and arm, reaching up and over your back following the hand with the eyes and head while rolling back to the starting position. Again, the lower extremity remains relaxed on the floor until the upper body simply pulls it over as you return to start position on your back.

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