Brettzel Diaphragmatic

This is a mobility exercise for the posterior chain of the body with emphasis on breathing.

Begin lying on either side with one knee up, the other down in a neutral position, and the head supported by a foam pad. Take the hand of the arm that is in contact with the ground and grab the knee that is flexed up and supported by a foam roller at belly button height. Take the other hand and grab the ankle of the leg that is behind the back, if it is too difficult to grab the ankle then use a towel or strap.

Begin by inhaling and on the exhale start to rotate to the side of the up leg. Cycle through this progression and hold the rotation gained and continue to cycle breaths until the rotation has stopped improving.  Hold that position and cycle 2-3 more breaths.

Then return to the starting position by rotating back to a neutral position. 

Remember that the inhale may bring you out of your rotation a bit and the exhale should allow you to turn further.


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