Brettzel 2.0 on Elbows

This is a mobility exercise for the entire posterior chain of the body.

Begin in a side-sit position where the hip and knee of the front leg are bent at 90 degrees and the rear leg is positioned so the hip is in a straight line with the body and the knee is bent at 90 degrees.  Place the outside elbow on the ground approximately in-line with the hips/pelvis and begin to rotate the thoracic spine in the direction of the thigh of the front leg.  The goal is to place the shoulders on a parallel line with the front thigh with both elbows on the ground.  Inhale in the starting position and then during the exhale rotate the shoulders toward the ground trying to get the inside elbow to the ground then continue to use your inhale (which may bring you slightly out of the rotation) and exhale (which should allow you to turn further into the rotation) to get as close as possible to a parallel position of the shoulders to the front thigh.  Do not push into pain and this should not be felt as a lower back stretch.Brettzle 2.0 on Elbows

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