FMS Level 1 Online Course

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The Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Online Course is a self-paced course. The course can be completed from the comfort of your own space, allowing you access as your schedule allows.

The core focus of the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is to set a movement baseline in order to assist in your ability to create more effective training and programming decisions. This screening tool and approach has been effectively utilized in a variety of training settings from traditional fitness to elite professional sports, as well as in clinical settings. The FMS is a valuable tool for all fitness and healthcare professionals.

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Shoulder Mobility Setup
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Key Course Take-aways

  • Dive into the foundational movement principles to guide your training decisions.
  • Master the seven fundamental movement patterns capturing both mobility and motor control.
  • Confidently administer each test with easy to use verbal instructions.
  • Learn how to correctly score each test to gain valuable movement information about your client.
  • Don't guess in your programming - use your FMS findings to make smart programming choices.

See what other Professionals are saying about the FMS Level 1 online course!

This is one of the most well done online courses I have ever taken. Your instructions and camera angles never left me wondering "How to?" It is well organized and the case examples are most helpful. It will be challenging to learn to see the whole body perform during the test instead of focusing on one body part, as Lee taught!!
     - J. Sweet, US on 7/31/2023

The most valuable part of this course is the fact that it gives us a path to analyze our client's situation and then take a better decision.
     - I. Silva, Brazil on 7/11/2023

The content was explained so clearly. I really appreciate it. I loved having the course online, since I could rewind and re-watch parts I misunderstood.
     - I. Matchett, Canada on 6/23/2023

The clear and concise nature of the information/material presented. It was very easy to both understand and learn from - with the text material and videos made to a quality standard.
     - S. Buizza, United Kingdom on 5/9/2023

What's Included

Once your purchase is complete, you will have one year of access to the FMS Level 1 Online course. You will receive email confirmation of purchase with directions on how to access this online course.

This course includes access to over 5 hours of video content and a downloadable manual. The 19 Chapters included in this course are as follows: 

Chapter 1: Introduction to the FMS 1
Chapter 2: History of the Screen
Chapter 3: Understanding the "Why" of the FMS
Chapter 4: Overview of the Screen
Chapter 5: Deep Squat (DS)
Chapter 6: Hurdle Step (HS)
Chapter 7: Inline Lunge (ILL)
Chapter 8: Big 3/Little 4
Chapter 9: Shoulder Mobility (SM)
Chapter 10: Active Straight Leg Raise (ASLR)
Chapter 11: Trunk Stability Push-Up (TSPU)
Chapter 12: Rotary Stability (RS)
Chapter 13: FMS Scoring
Chapter 14: Reporting
Chapter 15: Programming
Chapter 16: Case Study #1
Chapter 17: Case Study #2
Chapter 18: Course Conclusion
Chapter 19: Additional Resources
Appendix #1: The Motor Control Screen (MCS)
Appendix #2: The Modified FMS (FMS-M) 

Once you have viewed and studied the online material, you will be prepared to take the FMS Certification Exam ( included in the course and available online). Upon passing the exam, you will earn one complimentary year of FMS Certified Membership. FMS membership unlocks the entire FMS website including:

  • FMS Pro exercise library
  • Articles,
  • Podcasts,
  • Listing on the Certified Member Map,
  • Networking opportunities with exercise professionals who share the same principles as you.

Additional Information

Languages: Taught in English and subtitled in Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

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