NHL Combine: FMS and YBT Play an Important Role

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Whether you are a hockey fan, or not, we can all appreciate how the NHL is screening movement at their combine! 

At the most recent NHL Combine in Buffalo, NY, prospects were taken through the FMS and the YBT by a team of FMS certified professionals to identify their movement baseline.  Although the FMS and YBT are not skill-specific tests, they play a role in understanding how the athlete moves both on and off the ice. Read more here on what is included at the combine and how the 2022 class ranked.

The FMS looks at 7 movement patterns that helps identify:

  • patterns they move well in
  • patterns that may be difficult to complete
  • patterns that may create pain
  • patterns that may be asymmetrical 

The screen includes movement patterns we use all throughout life, not just hockey, and are important for movement health.  The screen includes looking at reciprocal upper body movements, reciprocal lower body movements, balance, ankle mobility, ability to resist extension, as well as ability to resist rotation. These are foundational elements to build sport specific skills on top of!

Additionally, YBT is a simple way to measure a person’s motor control and demonstrate functional symmetry. It provides a map that identifies road blocks to a person’s functional performance both in rehabilitation and performance worlds.

Together, the FMS and YBT provides insight into how the athlete controls their movement and if there are areas for improvement by minimizing potential risk factors. They illustrate the athlete's movement health. 

Shane Wright was one of the athlete's who completed the NHL combine in 2022. Take a look at his experience of the day, including the FMS and YBT!


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No matter your athletic level, it all starts with a good movement foundation.  Next up, the MLB combine in in San Diego, CA!

FMS is proud to be included at the NHL, MLB, and NFL combines as the movement standard.


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