Is there a Difference Between Flexibility and Mobility?

Written by MobilityWOD FMS

One of the aspects of coaching and teaching that is difficult to convey is the sheer volume of behind the scenes collaboration, note swapping, advice, and discussion in which coaches regularly engage with each other. To this end, most of the coaches I admire and lean on literally spend hundreds of hours a year teaching, lecturing, talking on pod casts and interviews, and generally trying to be transparent and open as possible.

We recently had two of the best human performance coaches I know at the house for coffee. Their drop-in happened to overlap with some family friends that also found themselves in the hood. When the two coach friends left, the Phd neuroscientist wife of our friend commented that she was blown away at how much obsession, discovery, collaboration, innovation, and sharing had occurred in the space of a pot of coffee.

I’m not saying that everyone is necessarily interested in dinner table wine-fueled speculation and blue-sky conversation, but I for one am. And every time I find myself privy to that kind of interaction, it makes me wonder at the importance of these kinds of impromptu co-labs because they seem to happen a lot. Too many times I think modern strength and conditioning/movement teachers present their opinions and solutions without actually showing their work. If we are going to continue this geometric leap in understanding in which we currently find ourselves, we are going to have to continue to ask people why they think the way they do. Don’t show us your opinion, show us your solutions and your thinking around those solutions.

To this end, we are excited to bring you conversations with some of the coaches and innovators that are important to us.

We decided it would be an excellent exercise to ask five questions. Here is the first. 

1. Is there a difference between “flexibility” and “mobility” and should I even care?

To hear Gray's answer please follow the link below. 

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    key 1/5/2015 3:07:08 PM

    Yes, I will make you surprise.

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    Michael Rosengart 1/19/2015 2:22:58 PM

    Great post! totally agree that coaches need to be more responsible in clarifying the difference between mobility and flexibility. 

    Appreciate the words-