Risk factors, Testing and Preventative Strategies for Non-Contact Injuries in Professional Football: Current Perceptions and Practices of 44 Teams from Various Premier League

Written by Kyle Barrow FMS

This article found that The Functional Movement Screen was ranked the number 1 tool to identify injury risk in 44 Professional International Premier leagues teams. Additionally, the top five perceived risk factors in rank order were previous injury, fatigue, muscle imbalance, fitness and movement efficiency.


Mccall, A., Carling, C., Nedelec, M., Davison, M., Gall, F., Berthoin, S., & Dupont, G. (2014). Risk factors, testing and preventative strategies for non-contact injuries in professional football: Current perceptions and practices of 44 teams from various premier leagues. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 1352-1357.



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