Implementing the FMS System Into Your Current Client Base

Written by Mike Deibler FMS

After leaving the FMS Level 1 workshop, I still remember the motivation and eagerness to dive right in and change everything I was doing.  But sometimes Monday morning is difficult to break out of the norm.  On paper, everything looks great, but in reality, it takes more work than you think sometimes to implement everything you have learned. 

In our business, we first saw the FMS as new revenue stream.  Why not, right?  So we offered the screen to all of our clients as a 15-minute screen plus 30-minute corrective explanation and workout.  We got quite a few of our clients to sign up immediately and we easily paid for the workshop in the least. 

This seemed like a great idea until I realized not everyone was taking us up on this incredible offer.  Then I remembered what our business coach once told us.  Charge if it is something that will help get better results or faster results, give it away for free if they need it to be successful. 

This realization was that everyone needed this to be successful and it was something that had to be a part of everyone’s plan.  So, we developed a simple way to implement this into our client base. 

Our new clients were easy.  They didn’t know any better so it became part of our sales process to build value in our system. For current clients, we had to show them the value in it so they would buy into it, even though they were getting it for free. 

Some clients are super easy to work with and will just do anything you tell them. These clients you just screen them the next time you see them and get started with the appropriate path it leads you to.  But others can be more apprehensive about new things or changing their programs. 

When first listening to the FMS workshop, I would always have a client in mind with pretty much every topic we discussed. This was a great opportunity to introduce this to my client.  I would say something like, “Hey Sue.  I was just at the amazing workshop this weekend and when we were discussing [insert movement or topic relevant to your client] I thought of you immediately. I really think this is going to be a great way to address some of the issues you have been having.  Are you willing to give it a try?” 

This shows that you care about them enough to have thought of them outside of their sessions and that you are really in this to help them get better. 

Mike Deibler owns San Diego Premier Training, a private training studio in La Costa, Calif. As a former All-American track athlete at the University of Connecticut, Mike has always strived to be the best. He achieved a master’s degree in sport and exercise sciences from the University of Florida and continues to stay on top of the latest health and fitness research. Along with an extensive list of fitness certifications and education, he is also a certified sports nutritionist with the National Association of Sports Nutrition. In addition to serving clients, Mike works as the education director at Exercise Etc., an educated-based company that helps personal trainers, athletic trainers and physical therapists improve their skills, and he leads classes at Miramar Community College.


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