KB Push Press

This is an upper body strength and lower body power exercise.

This is an upper body strength and lower body power exercise.
Set-Up: Begin in a deadlift position with the kettlebells placed about a foot in front of the feet. Grab the handle of the kettlebells and perform a hike, then begin to fully extend the hips and rack the kettlebells at chest level.
Action: Sniff air into the abdomen, slightly bend your knees and perform a forced exhale pushing the feet through the ground and extending the hips to an upright and stable standing position. Use the force of the movement to press the kettlebells overhead extending the elbows until the arms are straight but not locked.
Return: Sniff air in again and pull down with the lats as the elbows flex and lower the weights to the racked position. If at any time posture and quality in the movement is compromised, reset and begin the movement again. Repeat for the desired repetitions.

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